There are many beautiful sights on Earth, but few so uniquely sublime as watching a closely bonded doggy out with its owner or handler. The vision is even more satisfying when the handler is working with 4, 6 or even more dogs all displaying calm, patience and focus. When the owner/handler walks, they walk quietly behind without jerking, balking or lunging after a squirrel, cat or some other distraction. When the owner/handler stops, they sit. No unauthorized sniffing about, no restlessness, just a responsive head tilt up asking, “Yes? What’s next?”.

This display of symbiotic union is called “heel”. The pup walks next to you rather than behind or in front. Not only does this position ensure the pup understands you are the pack leader, but in cases of emergency, it allows you to move more quickly in safety without your path obstructed by a chaotic dog.

Right now, you’d just settle for Rover not pulling you down the block, right? Don’t worry; we’ve been there. Below are links to some excellent videos using a variety of approaches, including prong collars and other tools, to help you teach your fur baby this vital skill. Soon, you’ll be the leader of the pack and reigning the walkway!


Solid K9 Training – https://youtu.be/Kv75lADEbRM

The Dog Guardian – https://youtu.be/Z8cPkTh7Y3k

McCann Dog Training – https://youtu.be/hX1DMZIMLPk

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